Quick Guide: Journal submission

medtigo Journal is a publication that covers a diverse range of content in the medical field. The types of articles published include Case reports, Case series, Research, General reviews, Systematic literature review (SLR), Meta-analysis, Book review, and Conference abstracts. The journal also features Editorials and Commentaries discussing existing content within the publication. This comprehensive approach suggests a commitment to providing a broad spectrum of information and insights in the medical and healthcare domains.

Submission Module

Submission verification list:

Manuscript Types Sections To Be Added
Review 2500-3000 words,
title, abstract, keywords, introduction, historical context if available, methods if applicable, literature review based on chronology, theme, current state of the field, discussion, conclusion, references (≥30), acknowledgement
SLR 3000-9000 words,
title, abstract, keywords, introduction, research question or objective, inclusion and exclusion criteria, search strategy, study selection process, data extraction, quality assessment, data synthesis, results presentation, discussion and implications, conclusion, references (≥30), acknowledgement
Meta-analysis 3000-9000 words,
title, abstract, keywords, introduction, pooled data, effect size calculation, heterogeneity assessment, forest plot, publication bias assessment, sensitivity analysis, subgroup analysis (if applicable), interpretation of results, conclusion and recommendations, references (≥30), acknowledgement

Case Report,

Case series

1500-3000 words,
title, abstract, keywords, introduction, case presentation, case management, discussion, conclusion, references (≥10), acknowledgement, funding, author information, informed consent/ethical approval, conflict of interest statement, guarantor
Commentaries, Editorials, etc. 500-1000 words,
title, keywords, key points, introduction, findings, summary, references (≥10)

Prior to sending your submission to the journal for review, you can use this list to do a last review.

  1. The manuscript needs to be written in English.
  2. Authors name (times new roman, 10 font size) should be mentioned below title with affiliation.
  3. Font should be times new roman, 12 font size.
  4. Justified content with 1.5 lines gap.
  5. Provide Abstract: about 200–250 words, and key words: about 5–10 words.
  6. Reference number should be in square bracket [].
  7. Provide all necessary information, like tables, figures, and supplementary material (if applicable), with a number and description in the middle of the page.
  8. Ensure all figures and table citations in the text match the files provided.
  9. References should be in APA style format along with link.
Example: Crowley, K., Scanaill, P. Ó., Hermanides, J., & Buggy, D. J. (2023). Current practice in the perioperative management of patients with diabetes mellitus: a narrative review. British Journal of Anaesthesia, 131(2), 242-252. [PubMed].
  1. Every reference listed in the Reference List is cited in the text, and vice versa.
  2. The manuscript has been “grammar checked” and “spell checked.”
  3. Use of copyrighted content from other sources, including the Internet, has permission.