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Welcome To medtigo Journal!

The latest venture from medtigo, an esteemed online medical education organization with a rich history dating back to its establishment in 2014. With nearly a decade of unwavering commitment, medtigo has become a globally recognized brand, boasting a team of nearly 100 specialized professionals across diverse disciplines. Leveraging our expertise, we are excited to introduce this medical journal tailored for medical students and healthcare professionals.

Our Platform

medtigo Journal is an extension of medtigo‘s dedication to advancing medical knowledge. It covers almost
  every specialty and is published quarterly after peer review. Our platform provides:

A Clear Scope

We focus on a wide range of
medical topics, ensuring
comprehensive coverage for our

Editorial Policy

Our rigorous editorial process
ensures the highest quality of

Ethical Standards

We adhere to the highest
ethical standards in medical

Global Reach


To be the preeminent platform that empowers medical students and healthcare professionals worldwide by delivering high-quality, accessible, and innovative medical content, fostering a global community of continuous learning and collaboration.


Our mission is to provide a dynamic and inclusive platform for the dissemination of knowledge and publishing of exceptional medical case reports, review articles, and research findings. We aim to facilitate learning, inspire research, and contribute to the advancement of healthcare by connecting a diverse global audience of medical professionals and students through our user-friendly online journal.

Editorial Policies

Scope and Focus

  • medtigo Journal aims to publish original research, case reports, review articles, and other relevant content across various medical specialties. We encourage submissions contributing to scientific knowledge, clinical practice, and healthcare advancements.

Peer Review Process

  • All submitted manuscripts undergo rigorous peer review by experts in the field.
  • Our double-blind review process ensures impartial evaluation.
  • Reviewers assess scientific validity, methodology, ethical considerations, and quality.

Authorship and Contributions

  • Authors must meet the criteria for authorship as defined by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE).
  • Contributions of each author should be specified (e.g., study design, data collection, writing, etc.).

Plagiarism and Originality

  • We uphold strict anti-plagiarism policies.
  • Authors must submit original work. Any previously published content (including self-plagiarism) should be appropriately cited.

Transparency and Corrections

  • We promptly address errors, retractions, and corrections.
  • Clear criteria for authorship are outlined.
  • Editorial decisions are based on scientific merit, independent of advertisers or sponsors.

Conflicts of Interest

  • Authors, reviewers, and editors must disclose any financial, professional, or personal conflicts of interest.
  • Transparency is essential to maintain trust and credibility.

Data Sharing and Reproducibility

  • Authors are encouraged to share raw data and make it accessible to readers.
  • Reproducibility enhances scientific validity.

Frequency and Volume

  • medtigo Journal is published quarterly.
  • Each volume comprises four issues.

Editorial Independence

  • Editorial decisions are based solely on scientific merit, without influence from advertisers or sponsors.

Editorial Board and Reviewers

  • Our esteemed editorial board and dedicated reviewers ensure quality and integrity.
  • We invite peer reviewers and authors worldwide to contribute to our global community.

Compliance and Ethical Standards

Publication policies

  • medtigo Journal adheres to the principles set by COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics), an international body that promotes ethical publishing practices.
  • We follow COPE’s authorship, peer review, plagiarism, and transparency guidelines.

Patient Consent and Research Involving Human Subjects

  • Informed Consent: Authors submitting research involving human subjects must provide evidence of informed consent.
  • Ethics Review: We require documentation of ethics committee approval for studies involving human subjects.
  • Vulnerable Populations: Special consideration is given to research involving vulnerable populations.

Data Privacy

  • Data Protection: We comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) to protect personal data.
  • Anonymization: Patient data is anonymized to prevent identification.
  • Data Retention: We specify data retention periods and secure data storage.

Industry-Specific Regulations

  • Clinical Trials: Authors should follow relevant reporting guidelines (e.g., CONSORT, PRISMA, STROBE) for specific study types.
  • Drug and Device Studies: Compliance with relevant regulations (e.g., FDA guidelines) is ensured.

Copyright and Licensing

  • Authors retain the copyright of their work. 
  • We publish under a Creative Commons license (e.g., CC BY) to promote knowledge dissemination.


We assign unique identifiers (ISSN and DOI) to each published article.

medtigo Journal is committed to advancing medical knowledge, fostering collaboration, and maintaining the highest standards of integrity. We appreciate the contributions of authors, reviewers, and readers in achieving these goals.